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What was the population of Cyprus in 1882?

In the attachments below you can see a handwritten letter dated 11/01/1882 directed to the Earl of Kimberley requesting a new order of coinage (piastres, half and quarter piastres) worth a total of £300 as there were only £15 worth of coins left from the 1881 supply.

What is more interesting is that according to the letter this would total £3392 worth of bronze piastres put into circulation which would represent to 3.4 piastres per head of the population! Thus making the calculation we can see that the population of Cyprus at the time was approximately 180 000 ((3392 x 180)/3.4).

Another deduction that can be made according to the letter was that the ratio at the time between the Cyprus piastre and the English pence was

1 Cyprus Piastre: 1.32 English Pence

(the Cyprus pound totalled 180 piastres, whereas the English pound 240 pence)


These are very interesting facts that can be found in one of many historical books of the Cyprus Numismatic society. These books will soon be available to lend from our library.


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