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The First Boards of the Numismatic Societies in Cyprus in 1970

In 1970 there were two local Numismatic Societies. The first was based in Nicosia and the second one was based in Larnaca. In 1975 the two societies joined together and became the Cyprus Numismatic Society as we know it today.

The first board in 1970 of the society based in Nicosia comprised of 5 members as follows:

Petros Stylianou – President
Andreas Pitsillides – Honorary Secretary
Georgios Vrionides – Honorary Treasurer
Timotheos Fitikides – Member
Akis Fitikides – Member


At this time the society based in Larnaca issued the first annual Numismatic Reports. As issued in this first Numismatic Report in 1970 the first committee of the Numismatic Society in Larnaca comprised of 5 members while the society had a total of 25 regular members and 2 honourary members – Major PRIDMORE F. and Mr REMICK Jerome H. Click on the link below to see the full committee.

The First Committee

The first committee of the newly founded Cyprus Numismatic Society in 1975 was published in volume VI of the Numismatic Report in 1975. Click on the link below to view it.

The Committee in 1975

All members have the chance to order a copy of the first 6 numismatic reports (1970-1975) which have been reprinted to a very limited number. For more information please contact the Cyprus numismatic society at cyprusnumismaticsociety@gmail.com

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