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New 2 Euro Coin

The new 2 Euro Coin from Cyprus for the common European Issue of the 30th Anniversary of the European Flag is available from the 30th of November 2015 from the Central Bank of Cyprus.

This was issued encased as a proof edition and in capsule as brilliant uncirculated. Coin rolls, which are over the last years becoming increasingly more collectible, are also available for this coin in rolls of 25 coins.

The Cypriot Numismatic Society has taken orders from its mail-list members to procure this newest edition. Please contact the secretary of the Society to get your coins.

The other 18 countries participating in the Euro will also issue this coin.

Though San Marino, Monaco, Vatican City and now Andorra also issue Euro coins, they are not part of the European Union, and hence don’t participate in the official issue of this 2 Euro coin.


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